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Real Estate Algarve, Portugal

Algarve Real Estate Office
Our real estate company currently operates in the Portuguese territory in the Algarve, Lisbon and Cascais. The headquarters is in Quinta do Lago, Algarve

What is the relationship of the site with the company ARE, Algarve Real Estate - mediação Imobiliária, LDA., Holder of real estate license AMI-9492? is a website to promote Algarve Properties, tourism promotion directed at marketing department moraféria group. This portal is a combination of several real estate companies, hoteliers and support and property management services. Here we reach across borders information about the Algarve region, from the point of view of the residents. The portal aims to:

  • Show you the best suitable property for your needs, with the best return on your investment
  • Promote the country Portugal for all countries of the world, through the Internet, specifically the Algarve region, and facilitate the entry of potential investors in the Algarve region
  • Publish the properties of the company ARE - mediação Imobiliária, LDA., Holder of real estate license AMI-9492
  • provide information on properties for sale located in various municipalities of the Algarve region, belonging to various real estate companies,
  • advertise properties of individual owners, for sale, in which contact is made directly to the owner
  • enunciate related service companies with the support and management properties that can somehow help tourists, investors and residents to find solutions in the Algarve
  • Technically clarify visitors portal through articles expert advice on various business segments, produced by experts in various fields related to real estate.

The information contained in these points require no binding to the company, either through payment or commissioned advertising, and overall responsibility for the quality of service provided by these companies.


real estate meeting room
Our office is situated in a house built in wood, a very comfortable space for our team and for our clients!

Our real estate office in the Algarve consists of:

  1. Reception of customers,
  2. Sales Department, where our team of real estate agents prepare all the information and documentation of their properties. This is where are the best real estate in the Algarve.
  3. Research and Development Department,
  4. Meeting room,
  5. and other rooms used for the management of the Group companies.
  6. Abroad we have an area with 5 acres of nature!
Marketing room, research and development
Department of Marketing, research and development of real estate company

Our company is responsible for the development of all our real estate websites. The marketing department is headed by the founder José Mora Féria with the help of computer programmers, designers, photographers and journalists.

Algarve real estate aerial view
We are based in a farm of 5 hectares at the entrance of Quinta do Lago.

Location of the company HEADQUARTERS ARE - mediação Imobiliária, LDA.,

The headquarters of our company ARE - mediação Imobiliária, LDA., is located at Quinta de Valverde, a business center located on the road from Almancil - Quinta do Lago, distanced 600 meters from the roundabout number 1, Quinta do Lago.


Business Location ARE - mediação Imobiliária, LDA., no Google Maps

Quinta de Valverde, Estrada Almancil - Quinta do Lago - Apartado 3071, 8135-901 Almancil | Algarve - Portugal

We are based in an office of 200 square meters, a plot of 5 hectares

To reach the office of the Algarve Real Estate:

  • Coming from Almancil, Follow the road of Quinta do Lago in the roundabout number 1 of Quinta do Lago. We are located on the right after passing the Farm Green, next to Vitacress.
  • Coming from Vale do Lobo, Take the road towards Quinta do Lago. At the roundabout turn left number 1 towards Almancil. At the end of the descent, 600 meters from the roundabout, you will find an entrance between walls to your left. Among around, is the Algarve Real Estate.
  • Arriving from Quinta do Lago, Head towards the first roundabout and head towards Almancil. At the end of the descent, 600 meters from the roundabout, you will find an entrance between walls on your left. Between out there, it's Algarve Real Estate.

Escritório Algarve Real Estate

Contacto do escritório Algarve Real Estate

Quinta de Valverde, estrada Almancil - Quinta do Lago - Apartado 3071, 8135-901 Almancil

Algarve - Portugal

Contact the office telephone (+351) 289 098 888

Contact Management (+351) 913 988 888