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Property V2 +1 for sale in Vilamoura CENTRAL

Property for sale Nº: 141456

Property V2 +1 for sale in Vilamoura CENTRAL

V2 + 1 villas for sale in the Central Vilamoura condominium are composed of a total of 2 bedrooms and an office space, a Suite en suite located on the 1st floor of the villa, and a room located on the 0 floor.

The ground floor consists of entrance hall, living room with high ceilings, glass windows overlooking the garden, kitchen in open space, an En Suite room with private WC and access to the interior garden, a social WC and a WC with features for reduced mobility, a laundry room, storage space, and circulation space. In the core of the villa there is an interior garden visible from the interior of the two floors of the villa, with access to the exterior through the floor 0

Floor 1 is accessed via stairs. On the 1st floor there is an en suite bedroom with a private bathroom and a storage room. The 1st floor has panoramic views over the outside gardens and interior garden, and views over the living room.

The V2 + 1 houses are implanted in lots with dimensions varying between 201.21 m2 and 336.84 m2. The total construction area of ​​the houses varies between 145.19 m2 and 153.55 m2. Patios of 15.67 m2, balconies of 5.59 m2 and gardens with gardens and parking spaces varying between 86.33 m2 and 218.29 m2.

 The villas are located in the Algarve, in the center of the tourist resort of Vilamoura. There are a total of 11 V2 + 1 villas in the CENTRAL condominium.

House Typology V2 + 1

Floor 0

  • Parking
  • Private garden
  • Entrance - 2.31m2
  • Storage - 1,19m2
  • Laundry - 1,48m2
  • Circulation - 9m2
  • Room 1 - 14.75m2
  • WC Reduced mobility - 5,81m2
  • Living room - 30,37m2
  • Social WC -1,31m2

Floor 1

  • Ladder - 6.03m2
  • Circulation - 6.67m2
  • Multipurpose space - 10m2
  • Lobby Room 2 - 2.15m2
  • Room 2 - 15,50m2
  • WC Room 2 - 6.20m2

Plans of the projects of the 11 residences V2 + 1 and illustrative images

House prices

  • 637 300 (six hundred and thirty-seven thousand, and three hundred euros)
  • 629 900 (six hundred and twenty-nine thousand, and two hundred euros)
  • 636 200 (six hundred and thirty-six thousand, two hundred euros)
  • 630 400 (six hundred and thirty thousand, and four hundred euros)
  • 636 200 (six hundred and thirty-six thousand, two hundred euros)
  • 634 900 (six hundred and thirty-four thousand, and nine hundred euros)
  • 660 200 (six hundred and sixty thousand, and two hundred euros)
  • 648 900 (six hundred and forty-eight thousand, nine hundred euros)
  • 633 700 (six hundred and thirty-thirty-three thousand, and seven hundred euros)
  • 636 600 (six hundred and thirty-thirty-six thousand, and six hundred euros)

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Property V2 +1 for sale in Vilamoura CENTRAL

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